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  • Published : January 11, 2013
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What Does A Social Movement Need To Be Successful?
In order for a social movement to be successful it needs reasons to exist; it needs planning, and exposure. In order for a social movement to be successful it must have logical reasons. No one will support a cause based off nonsense such as a gamer boycotting Game Stop, a video-game store, because he can’t win in the game he bought from them. A social movement has to be a movement that relates to not only the person who created it but to the world. A social movement has to have reasons to exist such as a social movement on segregation. It affects minorities, blacks, Hispanics, or any other races. Not just one person but the entire faction. The reasons that segregation became a social movement were because it affected the people, injustice, cruelty, and unfairness. These are logical reasons why a person or people will want to support it. Secondly, a social movement needs to have planning. Planning is important when starting a social movement. A leader needs to be chosen to do the planning. Planning consist of arranging signs, meetings, getting the word out, and which places that are safe to boycott. Planning is essential when starting a social movement. If planning is not done accurately, the campaign or movement will not be successful. A leader has to be chosen. The leader has to be professional, wise, experienced, responsible, and relates to the cause or movement. With a good leader and organized planning it will produce a popular social movement. Exposure is important when starting a social movement, because what’s a social movement without its supporters? In order to get exposure the leader has to post it on social websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Instagram or a blog. It is good to elect a leader who has good connections with the media such as broadcasting their movement over the radio or being interviewed on a television show. Exposure helps a social movement gain supporters. With supporters...