Joint Stock

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The Companies Act, 1994
............. LIMITED


The Companies Act, 1994
(Act XVIII of 1994)
A Private Company Limited by Shares
Memorandum of Association
.............. LIMITED

I. The name of the Company is ..................... LIMITED.

II. The Registered Office of the Company will be in Dhaka, ................................................................................

III. The objectives for which the company is established are all or any of the following provided that permission/approval/license from the Government or its appropriate agency and the concerned local government authority shall be obtained wherever it is so required by law, rules or regulations: ===================================================


1. To carry on the business of trading, buy, sell, exporters, importers, Marketing, indenters, commission agents, selling agents, distributors, broker, stockiest, merchants, wholesalers, retailers, buyers, manufacturers, general order suppliers and dealers in general merchandise, commodities, articles and goods all description whatsoever.

2. To carry on the business of carries by air, land or water, shipping agencies/services, railway agencies/services, clearing and courier services (Section 4 & 5 of Postal Act 1898 shall be obeyed).

3. To acquire land by purchase, take on lease, exchange or otherwise including commercial and residential building and to develop the same for cultivation of agriculture, farm and garden like tea estate, rubber of all kinds and to sell, store market and also export the same in abroad.

4. To carry on the business of manufacturing and dealings in all types of garments for gents, ladies and children made of cotton, rayon, silk, leather, jute, woolen and other fibrous products and the preparation, sizing, processing, printing, embroidering, dyeing and coloring of any or all of he products mentions above or manufacture of textile and specialized textile products.

5. To carry on the business of textile, spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing, finishing, bleaching, pressing, cutting, packing, bailing, storing, buying, selling and otherwise dealing in cottons, yarns and synthetic fibers.

6. To carry on the business of manufacturing and dealings in all types of garments accessories, elastic products, button, buckram, fences materials for internal and overseas market and all other allied business.

7. To carry on the business of all kinds of garments made of cotton, silk, nylon, wool, leather, jute and other fibrous materials for internal and external markets and to manufacture, import, produce and deal in treads, buttons interlining, packing and other materials used in garment industries.

8. To carry on the business of manufacturers and exporters of garments of all kinds made of all types of fabrics and textile items.

9. To buy, treat, produce, manufacture and deal in knitwears cap, socks, tapes, underwear, handkerchiefs, towels, napkins, bed sheets, carpets rug and other goods.

10. To carry on the business as garments buying house, buying agents, selling agents, trading, indenting, commission agents and to import, export, buy, sell and deal in and with whether as principals, agents, brokers or otherwise with substances and articles of all types of garment materials, products and to carry on all or any of the business of importers & exporters, manufacturers, buying and selling agents, wholesale and retail dealers in all and every kind of garments materials and garment products from and to all parts of the world.

11. To establish, purchase or otherwise acquire, run, conduct and operate frozen fish plant, cold storage, freezing plant for reservation, storage and treatment of fish, shrimps, merchandise, food...
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