Joint Custody

Topics: Child custody, Father, Mother Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: March 27, 2013
One day Dina comes home from school and walks into the house. Her dad starts to scream at her for not washing the bowl and spoon in the sink from which she used this morning before heading to school. Her mother comes from the other room and tells him to stop. She is saying that he is always yelling and scolding her for every little thing since the day she could walk. Once the arguing is over Dina’s mother realizes that if her and her husband were to get a divorce would she want joint custody and says “No, he is unfit to raise a child.” .Everyone knows what joint custody is. It’s when the custody of a child is awarded to both parents by the court. But would you want an abusive father or a drinking mother to have joint custody of your innocent child? Some people think joint custody is good for the child just because they get to see and spend time with both parents. Well that’s not always the case. Its is more likely that parents will agree with joint custody because they agree with that statement but 4 out of 10 couples with disagree and ask for full custody if they feel as if the other parent is not fit to be a good mother/father (Henry Gornbein). Joint Custody is out of the question in Dina’s mother situation. As you have read that her husband is hard on Dina only as a 9 year old. In some cases a father is unfit to raise a child, boy or girl. The father could be a drinker, immature or irresponsible and become a bad role model in the child’s life. In that the child will turn out just like them or carry of their traits and be hard on their kids and it creates a never ending cycle (Joint Custody with a Jerk, pg 103). Or in some cases the mother could not be fit to be a mother. She could be a drug abuser, over controlling, or maybe even abusive. Sometimes joint custody is not a good idea when one of the parents is not financially stable. In the past, it was usually mom, but there are more and more situations where the dad is primarily in a care-giving and financial...
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