Joining the Youth for Christ Organization

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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I have lived in darkness before, but God brought light into my life. And from then on, I am forever changed. I admit I am a sinner. I don’t deserve even a little amount of His love and attention. I believe in Him, but I do not care whether He exists or not. Yes. That was God to me before, but after that life-changing moment, I was enlightened. In an instance, I felt completely loved, and in spite of all the problems I had, I feel blessed. God became my best friend and I will never trade that relationship with him for anything else. I am Sheree Ann Rosal Cruz, 18 years of age and this is my story. My life has always been a total happiness – my family is complete, I have a huge circle of friends, I relatively excel in my studies and a lot more. In short, my life seemed perfect in the eyes of everyone and of my own. But still, I did not know there was one thing missing... When I entered high school, I joined into the same organization that my sister was in to, the Youth for Christ. Actually, I never thought of joining so. But since membership in many clubs in our school meant higher grades which I needed to sustain my academic standing, I decided to sign the registration sheet. After all, almost everyone in our class joined, including my closest friends. I never thought of worshiping God that time (which they said what YFC is all about). All I wanted was to be with my friends. I can still remember those 3 days – October 25-27, 2006 in Glory of the Gardens, Antipolo. During the youth camp, there were talks, discussion groups, activities, games, etc. but I felt nothing special. It was only on the second day during the third session when my mindset changed. The speaker ended his talk with a video clip taken from the movie ‘The Passion of the Christ’. I admit that I am a shallow person. And so, I cannot help but burst into tears as we watch the crucifixion scene. Afterwards, it was time for siesta. However, my ‘discussion group leader’ asked me to go with her at one...
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