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Joining the Army

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To persuade my audience how joining the Army can benefit them.


Who in here would like to go to school for free? Who would like to get paid for going to school? Does anyone know what I am talking about? That’s right I am talking about the US Army. How many of you have ever been handed a brochure for the Army only to think to yourself " Yeah Right" and then throw it away? Well that happened to me and I have been in the US Army for almost seven years now. During this time I have had first hand experience of many of the benefits that I am going to explain to you today.


There are three different branches of the Army you can enlist in. The first is Active Army, the second is Army Reserves, and the third is Army National Guard. Now as different as these three are, the benefits are primarily the same. Today I am going to explain to you, what I feel are three main areas in the Army Reserve benefits that are important. First is the enlistment bonus, Second is training benefits, Third and most important to me, the school benefits.

I. Enlistment Bonus

A. Depending on your contract MOS, your enlistment bonus can vary

B. Depending on your civilian life your bonus can vary

1. College credits can earn you a larger bonus and higher rank

2. Referring a friend to join will earn you higher rank

II. Training benefits

A. Physical and Mental

1. Basic training and AIT, enhance your Mind and body

2. Continuing professional development education will help you develop leadership skills

B. Part time job

III. School Assistance

A. Montgomery GI Bill

B. Up-Front Tuition Assistance Program

C. Student Loan Repayment Program


In conclusion, I would like to reiterate my three main points. First, just by signing up you get a chunk of change to fill your pockets. Second, training that continuously challenges your mind and body. Last but not least, the ability to go to school for free....

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