Join the Military Before College

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Join the military before college|
Position Paper|

In today’s society so many people have lost sight of why people should serve their country. People let their fear get in the way of doing what’s right. They not only lose out on huge benefits, but they also miss a great opportunity to grow as a person. Americans, as a whole, have lost site on what Patriotism is. They take for granted there rights and abuse them, not even remembering why they have them. If everyone was required to go to the military after high school they would become more prepared to go to college after. They would also have higher values and more cultural knowledge of how the world works. How many people do you know at the age of 18 are ready to support themselves and go to school full time? I know a few that think they can. Other than that, the truth is very few can do it without help from mommy and daddy or digging themselves into a giant hole called student debt. I am going to tell you why our country would benefit if you chose to go to the military, instead of college right after high school, and the benefits you will gain as a person. The military helps you grow into a strong, focused individual. This helps you once you start you college education by giving you stronger integrity and giving you more time to grow up into a responsible adult. They support you just like your family. In fact, they are your family! They give you food, clothing, shelter. You literally have a family that would die for you if need be. The amount of support the military will give you after high school is beyond what you would get from any college. They groom you into becoming a better you. Giving four years of your life is a very small sacrifice compared to the gains you will receive. They offer signing bonuses, will pay for your college, medical coverage, world travel, a trade, the feeling that you did something to help you country. There are so many jobs that people don’t think about that are...
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