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This tool is designed to help you become productive quickly. Due to differences in libraries and add-ons, the pictures in this Quick Reference Guide may not represent the exact content you own. Please contact Customer Service at 800-888-9898 or if you are interested in expanding your library. Free video training is available at You may also select the F1 key for additional information regarding any WORDsearch feature.

The Top Toolbar

Search - Do a concordance-style word search in any Bible or book in your library. Find out how many times a word or phrase appears.

The internal Word Processor allows you to create documents that have the same powerful ability as the rest of your WORDsearch library.

Search Results of your recent search.

The Go Back button moves you to your previous location within the active book. The Go Forward button returns to your most current location within your active book.

Topical Search for articles on a given subject.
Cross Reference the verse you are studying to get related
information from other books.
Use this Web browser to view the Internet inside WORDsearch. Copy and paste from Web sites into your notes.
Create your own Bible Notes.
Instant Verse Study copies multiple Commentary and Bible
translations for a specific verse or passage to the Windows clipboard so you can paste it into a word processor.
Verse List creates a custom list of verses that you can organize with personal notes, commentary, articles and word studies to use as printed lessons.

Open a Bible. The down arrow next to your Bible button allows you to select your favorite translation.
Parallel Bibles can be selected to view different Bibles side-by-side. Open a Commentary by using this button. The down arrow,
next to the Commentary button, allows you to select your default Commentary. Your default commentary must be selected in order to activate this button.
Arrange windows (your open books) either vertically or
horizontally. Use the down arrow next to the Arrange Windows button to select either vertical or horizontal windows.
The Desktops button creates, opens and manages desktop views in the program.

Individual Bible and Book Toolbars
Window Docking Click on the dots in this button, hold down
your left mouse button and drag it on top of another window to dock (or stack) one book on top of the other. This allows you to have more books open at the same time and access them more easily.
Select Another Book from the same category
Table of Contents
Chapter/Verse Selection Either click the
down arrow to navigate to the desired verse or
type a verse reference and press Enter. TIP: use
Ctrl+G to quickly focus your curser in
this window, in order to type.
Right and Left Arrows for moving to the next or
previous chapter

Show Bookmarks in your Books or Bibles
Highlight tool
Show Strong’s Numbers for KJV, NASB and HCSB Bibles
Paragraph Display Mode for Bibles
Jesus’ Words in Red for Bibles
Interlinear Display Options for the Interlinear Bible
Group button to synchronize Bibles and Commentaries

Personal Notes for books other than the Bible

WORDsearchTM is a trademark of the WORDsearch Corp, LLC.

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Setup Preferences - Setting the Program Up the Way You Like It Text Size

Default Books

Go to View ►
Text Size, to set
the size of your text.

Use these arrow buttons to set your default Bible, Commentary and to Arrange the window style. The Commentary button will not work until you set this default.

Other Settings
Go to Options ►Settings to do the following:
◄ Sets the start page and where books/documents are stored. ◄ Sets your default Internet connection and features.
◄ Sets the look of your books, how they open and your default devotional. ◄ Sets the look of Bible text when it is copied into a Word Processor. ◄ Sets how books are cited and if you...
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