Topics: Homer, Epic poetry, Writing Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Is this how you expect us to join the website? Well then, I’m just looking for some notes to help me with an internal assessment. As a common teenager, I don’t really expect to have to fill in a 250 word essay and submit it just so I can join a website I will probably only spend 5 minutes on. Hence why this informal essay is on why I shouldn’t do a proper essay for the sake of joining your website. As it turns out, I am studying year 12 classics. I am investigating the differences between the movie “Troy” by Wolfgang Peterson and the epic poem Homer’s Illiad. I had already completed hours of study in my own time and I am simply looking for some information that I may have missed out that may be useful to include in my assessment. I did not expect to find a study website, that seriously expects me to write a 250 word essay for information I don’t really need. Now, I could’ve just copied and pasted “Hey, I am writing a 250 word essay using the same sentence!” heaps of times, but I didn’t, and that is because I have much too much spare time and enjoy taking the micky out of silly website plans that expect me to waste my time over signing up to a stupid study program. There, I think that I have wasted enough of your time for my document to roughly equal 250 words. So I bid you farewell :P
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