Johnson & Johnson 10k and Annual Report Coparison

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  • Published : October 17, 2010
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BA 2196, Fall 2010, Section 001
Analysis and Comparison of 10K and Annual Report

Johnson & Johnson’s 10-K and annual report have one major contrast. 10-K is long and detailed report. Annual report is shorter and contains similar information but in straightforward form. While the main purpose of the annual report is to market the company and attract new investors, the 10-K report contains standard information filed with SEC requirements. Both reports however are generally effective for their target audiences and present company's performance during the year. Both reports include information necessary to know about company's activities for current stakeholders and potential investors. 10-K annual report has strict rules and has mainly a legal purpose. The government is the major audience. 10-K report is broken down into sections. Every publicly traded company must file 10-K. In contrast, Johnson & Johnson’s annual report includes color photos and designed for general public. The annual report has an impressive presentation and offers the opportunity for Johnson & Johnson to market the company. Using the annual report as a marketing tool allows the firm to focus on strengths rather than weaknesses, especially for the main audience of the annual report, stakeholders and investors. The Johnson & Johnson’s annual report starts out with a glossy picture of happy family. The annual report includes a formal letter about company performance from the CEO to shareholders. Next part of annual report contains the series of articles about operations and significant developments. It also includes new products information, entry into new markets, changes in marketing and sales. This part is the biggest part of the report full of pictures of people from all around the world, showing company's global recognition. It continues with the page of board of directors. Next section consists largely of financial statements, which considered...
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