Johnny Tremain Essay

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Many Characters in the book “Johnny Tremain” are Dynamic, there are also a few static characters, Static is a character which personality doesn’t change much and the opposite for dynamic, A dynamic character would be Johnny Tremain, two static characters would be Mr. Lapham and Rab. Static is a character which personality doesn’t change much and the opposite for dynamic.

Johnny Tremain is a Dynamic character. In the beginning of the book he never would think before he talked for example when he offered to fix Mr. Hancock cup and Mr. Lapham thought he shouldn’t have done it. During the first battles of the war Johnny sneaks past British soldiers by saying things in a mature way that makes sense whereas in the early parts of the book he would have been stopped and told to go away or maybe even tortured for information of killed. Rab helped him much with maturing and thinking before he does things.

Mr. Lapham’s is a static character. During the book he doesn’t change, during the entire story he is a very religious man and thinks god is a part of everything. For example when Johnny broke the Sabbath he didn’t punish him he just said that god punished him enough by making him hurt his hand. Another reason Mr. Lapham is a static is because he always hsas high morals and reads bible copies a lot such as when Johnny is very prideful and says he can create the cup Mr. Lapham says “ ‘And I Will break the pride of your power; and I will make your heaven as, iron and your earth as brass.’ Proverbs sixteen, eighteenth” (Forbes 13)
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