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The Comparison of Danger in 'Disabled' and 'Out, Out'-
This is a comparative study, which will talk about the theme of danger in the two poems “Disabled” by Wilfred Owen and “Out, Out-“by Robert Frost. “Disabled” is based on an injured solider who discovers joining war does not give him full respect and be counted as a hero when returning back to the country. “Out, Out-“ is based on the young hearted child doing a man's job. The two poems deal with the common theme of danger.

'Disabled' starts of with an emotive sentence ‘ He sat in a wheeled chair, waiting for dark .‘ This tells the audience that this person is waiting for his life to come to an end. 'Disabled' introduction juxtaposes with 'Out Out’s- introduction that the young boy has every body part, which the man in disabled does not have. 'Out, Out'- starts off with onomatopoeia in the first sentence to give the reader a little message what is happening‘ The buzz saw snarled and rattled ‘ the word 'rattled' is onomatopoeia; the writer chose to use that word because it describes what noise the buzz saw makes and shows how dreadful it is. This is also personification, buzz saw is not a living thing but the way the writer writes down describes that the buzz saw is a living thing ‘snarled and rattled ‘ proves that the buzz saw is irritated. Both of the writer’s in 'Out, Out'- and 'Disabled' have made a powerful start; this gives the audience a true feeling what the theme of the story is based on about. In the second stanza of 'Disabled'. The Writer uses a different format of writing technique to entertain the reader more by using the technique alliteration. “ About This time town used to swing so gay “ The reason the writer uses this is because during that time there was a war and the sound 'T' coming at the end of the phrase above represents sounds of guns firing. The second stanza tells how poorly they respect this warrior “ All of them touch him like some queer disease “ This simile is describing that...
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