Johnny Cupcakes

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Johnny Cupcakes is a small company with fantastic vision. The decisions that have been made thus far seem to have all been good but the brand could make some changes that could make it even better. One way this can happen is by expanding and getting the brand name out to more of the public, especially the target market (trendy young adults). There needs to be more ways for people to connect with the brand and to make them feel like they are a part of it. Johnny Cupcakes is a unique brand and so are the people who will become cult followers. They are looking for edgy, fresh products that will make them stand out. There needs to be more ways to draw them in and to get inside their heads. This will be the key to more sales and expansion of the brand.  


Target Market • • • • • • Gender: Men and Women Age: 18-25 Education: High school + HH Income: Less than $30,000 Single with no children Urban trendsetters


The target market for this category are young adults who want to stand out in the crowd. They are the saavy, urban, trendsetters who have their own original style. They enjoy pop culture and have a sense of humor. Often they are very involved in the music scene and enjoy many different genres, especially artists that are up and coming. They are the cult followers. Anything that is different from the norm and looks at pop culture in a different light is often accepted. The cult following is apparent in different movies, books, music, clothing, accessories, cartoons, etc. They







are the risk takers, the adventure seekers, and they love to go out and explore new things.






OBEY is a clothing company started by an artist named Shepard Fairey. It was launched in 2001. Fairey saw t-shirts as another canvas for his graphics. He is inspired by the skate scene and music. His own take on pop culture and world events are also huge inspirations for the brand. OBEY has become a huge success and is sold in 20 countries worldwide. It has expanded to include many varieties of clothing, accessories, and shoes. Fairey collaborates with other fashion designers and OBEY clothing addresses many different styles that are both classic and fashion driven.

Kidrobot was founded in 2002 by designer Paul Budnitz. They create apparel and other products in collaboration with the world’s most talented artists and designers. The brand exemplifies cutting edge pop art and mass culture. Kidrobot collaborates with the world’s top brands to create unique





limited edition products. Some of the brands include Nike, Burton, and Marc Jacobs. Kidrobot makes iconic exclusive pieces that once they are sold out are gone forever.

Rebel Yell was started by Daniel and Andi Ballard. The clothing reflects the time of their childhood in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Their line is described as...
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