Johnny Cash Outline

Topics: Johnny Cash, Country music, Rosanne Cash Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: October 14, 2011
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the life of Johnny Cash

I. The Introduction
A. Johnny Cash is one of the most liked and well know musician of all time. B. Johnny Cash was an artist who took a stand for what he believed in and this was all too evident in the music he wrote. C. I have been a fan of Cash ever since first introduce to his music several years ago. D. I will be taking you through the life of Johnny Cash, country music icon! [Transition: Johnny Cash was born into poverty only to become the best selling true country musician of all-time.] II. The Body

A. Cash had no idea what path would lead him to his destiny. 1. J.R. Cash was born February 26th 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas. To a very religious family with which he spent much of his early years with picking cotton. a. His Baptist upbringing meant that the music he heard was almost entirely religious and the hymns sung by country greats like the Carter Family and Earnest Tubb reached him on the radio and made a permanent impression on him. 2. After graduating in 1950 from Dyess high school he worked in an auto assembly plant and margarine factory before doing a four year stay in the Air Force stationed in Germany. a. In the service is where he learned to play guitar and turn his poetry into song lyrics. b. After watching a powerful movie on base about Folsom Prison, Cash sat down and wrote what would become one of his biggest hits and signature songs. 3. He left the military in 1954 and married Vivian Liberto. Who he met before joining the Air Force, and kept in touch with while in Germany. a. The two lived in Memphis where Johnny worked as an appliance sales man. Cash told a writer for Rolling Stones, “I was the worst salesman in the world.” [Transition: He had no idea that his career was fixing to take off] B. Once Johnny Cash got his chance at success he took full advantage of it. 1. Johnny Cash signed...
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