John Q

Topics: Health care, Hostage, Health insurance Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: April 17, 2008
What is more important for me? The movie “John Q” made me think what should come first. Money, this subject is always with me. In the movie, the capitalism created one victim whose name was John Q. He was an ordinary father who worked at a factory and took care of his family. However, He took the emergency room hostage to save his son’s life. I think John Q’s actions of hijacking the emergency room are justified because the hostage situation was his only hope in his circumstance. He did not have enough money and time for the surgery, and he was not qualified for other financial aids. Despite the financial hardship, John Q’s family was a loving and happy family. Tragedy struck the family unexpectedly when Michael collapsed during a baseball game, and he needed a heart transplant. The cost of the transplant was a quarter of a million dollars, and John was informed that his insurance cannot cover the procedure. John told Dr. Turner, “Can’t you perform my son’s operation on credit? I will pay it off… you have my word as a man.” However, it did not work. No money, no life for Michael. Unwilling to let their only child die, John and his wife, Denise set about contacting various relief and assistance agencies in an effort to raise the money and save their son. In spite of applying for financial aid and children welfare, selling their possessions, accepting charity from their church, overtime works, and family tries to raise the money, the money was still short, and the hospital decided to release Michael. John was only working part time, and he no longer had full health benefit. Besides, he was not qualified for children welfare and Medicaid because he is employed. Desperate to keep his son in the hospital, John took matters into his own hands and took the emergency room and several people hostage. John had a very simple request, all his want was to have his sons name placed on the recipient list as soon as possible. If John did not something for Michael, Michael must...
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