John M. Barry's The Great Influenza: Rhetorical Analysis

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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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Week 29 – Rhetorical Analysis

For centuries science has paved the road to new discoveries and bettered living. No matter what religion one possesses, the service of science, specifically in the area of medicine, cannot go unnoticed. While miracles have been supposedly recorded by the “will” of assumed prayers, meditation, or sacrifices to various gods or entities, the true miracle is science itself. John M. Barry reaches out to the world to grip the minds of those reading with the ideas and trials science travels by. Barry vigilantly presses his beliefs craftily using creative language and intriguing logos.

It cannot be overlooked how beautifully Barry’s writing moves the mind with such a foreign and complex topic. Chosen specifically, this passage from The Great Influence only briefly touches the field of scientific research. As Barry proceeds through his writing, his articulation of words and phrases match his overarching concept of uncertainty versus certainty. Powerfully and masterfully, his visualizing sentences guide you down to the cores of his analysis.

Another aspect of Barry’s unfailing attempt at converting his audience is his smoothly added logos. Presenting an idea is one thing, but validating ones beliefs against a sea of historical precedents and facts is another, one Barry achieves blissfully. His effective use of outside quotes and existing ideas helped to establish strong ethos from the foundations of clear and thought provoking logos.

Developing a work on a topic of such magnitude, decipherable by the common ear, elevates John Barry’s attention to his audience. Weighing his crowd’s needs correctly he side steps the fierce topic with evasive language and simple, ethos boosting, logos, to more effectively spread his beliefs.
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