John F. Kennedy

Topics: John F. Kennedy, Leadership, John F. Kennedy assassination Pages: 3 (792 words) Published: October 30, 2005
Whether in business, politics, or the community, today's leaders have more in common with their legendary ancestors than they may realize. Intensely scrutinized by their constituents, colleagues, the media, and the public, leaders make decisions that affect lives far beyond their immediate surroundings. Perhaps no figure in recent memory more fully personifies leadership than President John F. Kennedy.

When we think of a leader we naturally consider John F. Kennedy. Kenney led with a democratic leadership style. Leaders act a s collectors of group opinion and take vote before deciding when a democratic leadership style is put in place. "A leadership style is a relatively consistent pattern of behavior that characterizes a leader, perceived by those whom you are trying to influence, which involves problem-solving and decision-making processes." By leading democratically, he amost never made a decision without everyones' approval.

John F. Kennedy demonstrated leadership behaviors. He possessed consideration. Consideration is when the leader creates an environment of emotional support, warmth, friendliness, and trust. This can also be recognized as relationship oriented behavior. Relationship oriented behavior is most often defined as a servant leader serves constituents by working on their behalf to help them achieve their goals, not the leader's own goals. For an example Kennedy led the nation through the Cuban missile crisis, and horrific event in history. In addition Kennedy led America through the unstable civil rights movement. Besides creating an environment of comfort for the citizens of America. He was preceived as trustworthy and competent. He brought the United States into a new era making it almost impossible to dislike the reigning president. "He took hold of America's goals and did not let go until they were brought to success" (Kennedy 3).

Leadership by definition is someone who makes a difference and facilitates positive change....
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