John Wooden

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John Wooden’s Pyramid of success

Q a:What do you think about Wooden’s definition of success?

A:I think John Wooden explains the definition of success very precisely. He tells us that hard work and having enthusiasm are the most important things in pursuing our goals. We will be successful when we make sure that we have done our best to reach our goals. Another important element is that we shouldn’t give up in our life. We shouldn’t be afraid of trying. If we fail we shouldn’t be discourage, but we have to learn from our mistakes and correct them and hold it as an experience. Sometimes the goals that we have, are difficult to reach, but not impossible to pursue.

Q b:Do you think his definition of success is accurate? Explain.

A:I think Wooden’s definition of success definitely is accurate. John Wooden believes that to succeed, we should not be afraid to try. Even if we do not always reach our goal, when we know we have tried our best, we can feel satisfied with what we have learned from our mistakes. I agree with him. Also he talks about self- satisfaction, and I think that is an important element; self-satisfaction gives us the courage to keep pursuing our goals.

Q c:After reading how John Wooden explains and defines industriousness and enthusiasm tell us how you define them, how you can achieve them, and why they are the cornerstones.

A:In my opinion, “Hard work” and “enthusiasm” are the first and the most important steps through the door of success. Having a strong foundation in our life is so important. For Example, for building a tower, engineers first start building the base. The base is the most important part of the tower; with out a strong base, the possibility of the tower falling is high. In our life we will build other things based on these two cornerstones, so we must have develop good habits about working hard and being enthusiastic. This will make our life strong.

What is “hard work”? Many of us...
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