John Wilkes Booth

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John Wilkes Booth

John Wilkes Booth was born in May 10, 1838 in Bel-Air, Maryland. He was known for being an American actor that played in Shakespearean plays. He had went that path because also his father was an actor in Shakespearean also his mother. He is mostly known for being the murderer of Abraham Lincoln during one of his performances in Ford’s Theater in Washington.

As a young boy he was very into theater and acting and had been a member of the Richmond Theater and his career had taken off. A physical look that he had5 ’8 feet tall with black hair and was athletic. He was also very good at being a swordsman. During the time of 1859 he was preparing for a theatrical act and a few weeks before the execution of the abolitionist John Brown. He was going to be hanged in Charles Town in Virginia. When John Wilkes heard this he decided to go as a state officer and stood guard in front of the place where John Brown was being hanged. John Wilkes was all against any abolitionist and he repealed them.

In November 6, 1860 Lincoln was elected president of the Unites States and booth made it clear to everyone that he saw Northern abolitionism as to what Lincoln would say about having more votes about freeing slaves from the states. Booth supported the South states and the institution of slavery. Soon enough the Civil War had started by April 12, 1861. Much of the south of the United States had separated from the Union and Booth was much upset and knew Lincoln was behind this separation. Booth had hatred against Lincoln since he first knew he was elected. He saw Lincoln did an abuse of absolute power over the country. He didn’t join the army even when the war was happening and just kept being a performer from north to south. Lincoln would visit the theater in which Booth worked in and was a witness of what Booth would do. Lincoln wanted to meet the actor but Booth would refuse since he wasn’t much of a fan of the new president.

By 1864 the war was in...
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