John Wayne Gacy the "Killer Clown"

Topics: God, Good and evil, World War II Pages: 7 (3124 words) Published: May 22, 2013
The modern supers by Michael Huziak
Initially one must know that everything that you have ever known is a lie. The things that you know about yourself are not what they seem to be. The world is filled with things and people that can do things that defy the laws of physics. There are things that the governments have trouble hiding and some people have encountered on occasions. Some would call these things magic, others would call it evil, but not all of them are evil or good. I prefer to think of them as modern supers, and this is some of their stories.

I call them modern supers, because there have been other supers over the ages. Alexander the great was a super he had the “ability” to foresee a moment. Florence Nightingale had the ability to heal the wounded. Abraham Lincoln used his ability to focus and slow time to fight vampires and defeat the confederates. Some supers didn’t use their abilities for any good. The Austrian Adolf Hitler used his ability of persuasion to control peoples mind in world war two and to gain the country of Germany.

You might be wondering about my initial comment about how governments are hiding the supers. Well Bigfoot is actually a human that can transform into a beast with super strength. The government was correct about how they are no such thing as aliens but they do know that the “aliens” are the patients that tried to give abilities, mutated and turned green. The sun was once a red-head exploded in a hot fiery rage.

These supers got there powers from different things. Some of them got there powers from objects, people, “gods”, and inborn ability. The cause of the power is still unknown, but what is known is that your DNA is what changes the substance to their specific power. The United States is the country with the most knowledge of the “super” phenomenon. They conducted studies that proved a connection between the moon and their powers and some say they received their supernatural skills from what they called gods whether they are or not is unknown to all governments. I needed to tell you the story of this phenomenon, because this story has been contained and unknown for far too long. There have been too many people hurt by the destruction of these people and the hurt they have instilled on people.

Now I’ll start to tell the story of how some of today’s heroes are the way they are and what they have decided to do with their abilities. The person I’ll start with is more of a hero than a villain. To the common public she is known as a normal, kind, motherly English teacher named Molly Fichtner, I just call her Mrs. Fichtner. I know she has an alter ego as a kind of super hero named “Super Mom.” She has had her super powers since she was young but teaching and becoming a mother opened up her ability to her own usage. She has the ability to make objects fly, she gains strength around children, and she has the ability to protect anything that she wants or anyone as well. That is why she is “super mom” so that way she can protect children of the time. She has protective coating around the earth against evil to protect the children. On missions she takes her flying minivan and her ancient book called “Perrine’s literature” the origin is unknown what is known is that it knows of all evil or good in the world. It is what she uses to defeat her enemies. She has not been considered a full hero because she doesn’t take an active role against evil.

Next is a hero who is a friend of mine in his un-hero form. His name is William McGuire the third. He is a famous English and psychology professor at Williams College. He is a man of average height but he has one unique trait he is a redhead. He has the ability like most redheads to steal people souls to make up for the part of his soul that he is missing. He also has the ability to absorb heat from surrounding objects and release the heat in the form of fire. He uses his red hair as a beacon for the fire, as a central control unit. He has...
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