John Wayne Gacy

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John Wayne Gacy Junior
John Wayne Gacy Junior was no ordinary man. He was born in Chicago, Illinois he was the second of three children (Amirante). He was married twice during his lifetime and divorced both times. He had two kids with his first wife that he never saw again after the divorce. He started his own company and was a clown as a side job, which was part of his numerous clubs that he was in (Amirante). During a three year time period, he viciously murdered and raped over thirty boys and hid them under his house and in the local river. This is the life of John Wayne Gacy Junior John was born on St. Patrick’s Day in 1942, two years after his older sister, Joanne. John Jr. and his family grew up with an abusive father, John Stanly Gacy (Amirante). He watched his father continuously abuse his mother, Marion Elaine Gacy and two sisters Joanne and Karen. He also got physically abused along with verbally. His father would often tell him that he was a “sissy” or a “mama’s boy” and that he was a failure. Throughout John’s childhood he sought for his father’s approval, but seldom did he get it (Amirante). Him and his two sisters attended Catholic schools in the north side of Chicago; at this time John worked a series of jobs. Among his jobs were newspaper routs and a grocery store bag boy positions (Mills). Plus he was part of the boy scouts throughout grade school. John attended four different high schools in his adolescence and dropped out of everyone (Amirante). In school John never got along with the other kids but his teachers and coworkers always seemed to favor him (Belle). When John was eleven he was hit in the head with a swing by one of his classmates; after the incident he started to suffer blackouts. His father thought it was a way to get attention and never had much sympathy towards John (Amirante). Finally at the age of sixteen John got the help he was searching for; the doctor figured it was a blood clot and prescribed him medicine to dissolve the clot. But that was not the end of his medical problems (Belle). When he was seventeen, Gacy was diagnosed with non-specific heart ailment. He often experienced chest pains that throughout his life hospitalized him but he eventually learned how to carry on his life just fine. (Belle). At the age of twenty, after an argument with his father, John left home, dropping out of high school and went to Los Vegas (Amirante). In Los Vegan he worked as a janitor in a mortuary for three years, but was always disappointed that he could not get a more decent job. He eventually saved up enough money to leave Los Vegas and move back to Chicago to his awaiting mother and sisters (Belle). His father had died while he was in Los Vegas and although John was abused by him as a kid he regretted never being able to attain a close relationship (Amirante). He finally completed school at Northwestern Business College. After graduation he got a management trainee position with the Nunn-Bush Shoe Company. He did so well the company transferred him to Springfield, Illinois in 1964 to work as a salesman in a men’s clothing outlet (Mills). That same year he met and married his wife, Marlynn Myers (Amirante). Shortly after his marriage he was promoted to manager of his department. At this time Gacy started to get more involved in local Springfield organizations: The Catholic Inter-Club Council where Gacy was a member of the board, The Federal Civil Defense for Illinois, the Chicago Civil Defense where Gacy was a commanding captain, Chi Rho Club where he was membership chairman, the Holy Name Society where he was named an officer and the Jaycees (The United States Junior Chamber) where Gacy devoted most of his time. It was obvious to everyone that Gacy took his involvement in the community very seriously and many saw him as an ambitious man eager to make a name for himself (Belle). He eventually became first vice-president and "Man of the Year" (Gacy). In 1965 his father-in-law, Fred W. Myers,...
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