John Waters: Love of the Absurd and Disgusting

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  • Published : June 29, 2012
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My favorite director, as far back as I can remember, has continuously been John Waters. His movies have always been a style that differs from other directors. If you find yourself watching a John Waters film, you know it. I can only describe his film expertise, in uncensored absolute filth. If there's one thing that’s quite evident in all of his films, its his love of the absurd and disgusting.

He had a fascination with subjects children don't often have, at least to the degree he had. Waters often kept news paper clippings of murders, bizarre catastrophes, and anything else especially gruesome. Although that sounds more like he would become a serial killer than a film director, it actually helped him become the latter. It definitely helped him to meet a group of friends with a similar sense of humor,who later became the stars of about every movie he did. These favorite pals of John included David Lochary, Mink Stole, and of course, the beautiful drag queen “Divine.” This fascination with the bizarre also led him later to such people as Edith Massey (often known as “The Egg Lady” in Pink Flamingos), and “Hatchet Face”. Later he was able to work with bigger name stars as well, including, Johnny Depp, Ricki Lake, Kathleen Turner, and more recently, Johnny Knoxville.

Not only was pure filth and bizarreness the subject matter of all of his performers, but was typically the subject of his films as well. His movies continuously were comprised of bizarre people, playing bizarre roles, in a over all filthy and bizarre film.

These films definitely have a unique quality about them that can only be describes as “another John Waters Movie.” Pink Flamingos, (16 + 35 mm, 1972, color), was one of his most famous movies. I don’t think anyone who sees this movie soon forgets it. If not for the cross dressing Divine giving her son “Cotton” (Danny Mills) fellatio, or the birthday present consisting of human poo in a box. All in a brutal competition for the title of...
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