John Vanier

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John Vanier is one of the greatest of Canadians that has inspired our world to live united together in community. He was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1928 but received an education through England and Canadian schools while growing up. He served in both the Royal Canadian Navy and the British Navy but shortly after he decided to follow a more spiritual direction in life. During this time he went back to school to further his education and also was a professor at University of Toronto.

John Vanier was a very well educated man who also wrote many inspiring books on community and his essential opinions he suggests on how to live just. One book titled “Community and Growth” is a perfect example of his overwhelming explosion of relevant ideas on growth in a community that is also realistic in positively affecting the greater good for all of God’s children on Earth. One quote that must be addressed from the book is how he explains community and growth. He explains, “Community and growth tries to clarify the conditions which are necessary to life in community. It is no thesis or treatise. It is made up of a series of starting-points for reflection, which I have discovered not through books, but through everyday life, through my mistakes, my set-backs and my personal failings, through the inspiration of God and my brothers and sisters, and through the moments of unity between us as well as the tension and suffering. Life in community is painful but it is also a marvellous adventure and a source of life.” This is hits the nail on the head with the hammer as his description of what he believe to be the correct method of living in community to grow, seems to be a very reasonable, just way to live. John Vanier will almost undeniably be thrown into the spot light for his remarkable contributions in literature and will counting to offer people significant wisdom in the books he wrote and the people he was physically impacted.

John Vanier has made...
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