John Updike

Topics: John Updike, Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, Short story Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: May 28, 2013
John Updike, broadly acknowledged as one of the most accomplished and creative novelists of his time. Updike has arisen as a shorty-story writer and novelist of a foremost importance in America. He also wrote poetry and was a literary critic. Updike was born on March 18, 1932, in Shillington, Pennsylvania. A huge influence on John’s writing was from his mother, Linda Updike. Linda’s passion for writing inspired John greatly. John Updike was a famous American writer who showed ordinary life was worth writing about. John’s parents names were Wesley and Linda Updike and he was an only child. Growing up in his household, times were tough. Updikes’s father who was a teacher got paid very little and his mother was a passionate writer who had a very low salary. Updike had very supportive parents who believed that he would succeed in something big. When John was young “The New Yorker” influenced him. After seeing this weekly magazine he wanted to become a cartoonish and a writer for them. John was a very intelligent kid who later in life got a full scholarship to Harvard. John was the editor for Harvard’s paper, the ‘Harvard Lampoon’ and he majored in English. During John’s college years he met his wife Mary Pennington. When John was a sophomore Mary Pennington was pregnant with his baby. In 1953, they got married. At this time John was only a junior in college. One of the central themes in Updike’s writings is religion. Updike’s work is a reaction to modern Protestantism. Pigeon Feather is one of Updike’s most famous pieces. This piece of writing was an early showcase of his work. Pigeon Feathers was wrestles and powerful. One of his first writings was published in 1954. It was an article in his collage magazine “The New Yorker”. John made a lot of his characters in his story want to believe but he always made them have trouble believing. An additional focal point in Updike’s work is family. In the same short-story Pigeon Feather he makes it clear that his depiction...
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