John Sutter

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NAME OF BIOGRAPHEE: John Augustus Sutter (born Johann August Suter) BIRTH DATE: February 15, 1803 DEATH DATE: June 18, 1880 PLACE OF BIRTH: Kandern, Baden, Germany (near Switzerland)

WHERE DID THIS INDIVIDUAL SPEND HIS OR HER EARLY LIFE? Switzerland DESCRIBE HIS OR HER EDUCATION: military academy, apprenticeship to printers and booksellers NAME OF SPOUSE: Anette D’Beld
CAREER(S): Clerk, Businessman, Innkeeper, Merchant, Farmer, Miner MOST SIGNIFICANT CAREER(S): Merchant, Farmer, Miner
DURING WHAT YEARS DID THE BIOGRAPHEE HAVE HIS OR HER MOST SIGNIFICANT EFFECT ON THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES? 1848 ABOUT HOW OLD WAS THE BIOGRAPHEE WHEN HE OR SHE HAD HIS OR HER MOST IMPORTANT EFFECT OF AMERICAN HISTORY? 45 LIST ANY SIGNIFICANT LIFE EXPERIENCES THAT HAD A MAJOR EFFECT ON THE BIOGRAPHEE: 1. In 1834, creditors came after him to collect on his debts forcing him to flee to the United States. This is significant because otherwise he might have stayed in Switzerland and never had anything to do with the Gold Rush. 2. In 1848, gold was found on his land. This is the start of the Gold Rush.

January 24, 1848 the first official day of the California gold rush this would bring tens of thousands of people from Europe, China, Latin America and Australia in an attempt to gain vast amounts of fortune and fame. One man would leave his home land of Baden Germany to seek riches that lie within the land of opportunity, however he would do this fourteen years before the discovery of gold in California, he would be the man to start the gold rush.

John Augustus Sutter, was a dreamer, a man who wished to escape poverty and the debts that he had sunken himself into. Most men or women who met Captain Sutter would tell tales of his heroic duties in the Swiss army or perhaps other adventures that he likely made up to inflate his already massive ego. John Sutter showed no history of any involvement in any kind of military, the title Captain would be one which he would bestow upon himself, he simply was as I stated before a dreamer, with high hope of real adventures like the ones he had spent most his days reading about in history books. Despite his pattern of boasting of things which had never happened and his continuous display of irresponsibility in many business endeavors, he was viewed by people as an honest hard working and respectable man.1However his true identity would not be revealed for years to come. History would show he left his wife and five children in poverty as he would change his name and give himself a fake background while trying to flee imprisonment due to huge debts he could not repay. 1.Pashnit. "SuttersFort he Birth of Gold Rush." Accessed July 19, 2011.

1.Pashnit. "SuttersFort he Birth of Gold Rush." Accessed July 19, 2011.

Although ambitious and goal oriented it seems Captain Sutter was just that, he appears to come off as a bit lazy and self-centered. Do not get me wrong he did create Sutter’s Fort and Sutter Mills which would prove to be prosperous, but his overall focus seems to have been a bit fogged and self-indulged. With a lack of responsibility to, well really anything. PART III: IMPORTANCE IN U.S. HISTORY

Despite John Sutter’s immaturity and the great debts he had created he was still a man that seemed to have somehow created very promising establishment. It seemed as though being a great dreamer was something that fueled him and would eventually lead to his few successful creations. John Sutter established Sutter’s Fort in 1839. He had to make peace with the Indians in order to ensure security and peace within the fort. The Indians and Sutter became friends through generous gifts of livestock and job offers by Sutter. The Indians became so appreciating of...
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