John Stuart Mill's Explanation of Private Domain

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  • Published : June 17, 2012
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John Stuart Mill: “Private Domain”
John Stuart Mill’s explanation of “private domain” is a fairly simple concept. In Mill’s words, the basis of “private domain” is: “Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.” Mill means that individuals should be able to express themselves in any manner without government interference. Society should not influence how a person carries himself, because the individual is the only person living that particular life. Mill feels strongly that the government should not interfere at all with individual life, except to protect society. Mill asserts strongly that the individual should be able to do exactly as he wishes so long as that individual is not harming anybody. In the terms of parental mistreatment or wife-beating, governmental interference is required, because they involve an individual harming another. The idea of individuality is very good, but in some situations, outside intervention is necessary. I feel as though Mill has some very solid ideas, especially about individuality. Society should not govern how a person is, or what they do. It is completely necessary that a person be allowed to be who they want to be, because no one else has to live a particular life except the individual. People need to be able to do what fits them, but only if it does not involve harming others. Also, I agree that some things need outside help, such as domestic abuse against those who cannot protect themselves. If a person is in an environment that is destructive to them, and they cannot get themselves out of said environment, someone needs to help them.