John Snow

Topics: Epidemiology, John Snow, Health Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: November 2, 2011
John Snow: Father of Modern Epidemiology
Jamie Clark
Kaplan University

Introduction to Public Health
Kimberly Brodie
July 19, 2011

John Snow, an epidemiologist, helped pave the way for modern medicine and public health in more ways than one. Not only is he considered being a founding father of epidemiology, he was also a leading pioneer in the development of anesthesia, and developed the theory that cholera was communicated through a contaminated water supply. Through research, I will show that John Snow’s contributions laid the foundation for epidemiology and modern medicine.

The objective of my research is to identify the answers to three important questions. * How has John Snow’s research benefited today’s public health? * What were the methods, and who was involved in developing anesthesia? * What were the deciding factors in determining the theory of cholera? The research I will provide will give the reader the necessary information and a clear understanding they will need to see that John Snow’s work is exceedingly beneficial to modern medicine.

The methodology of this research paper will be obtained through secondary research. The researcher will make use of books, journal articles, and case studies. Secondary data are data that have been collected for some other purpose. Secondary data can provide a useful source from which to answer the research question(s). The researcher will also make use of the internet to obtain information about John Snow and his background. This data will be gathered and presented as to educate the reader of his many accomplishments. Data analysis will begin immediately and the findings will be presented to the reader in an orderly and clear fashion.

In closing, the detailed work and years of researching the cholera epidemic has been a major building block for epidemiologists today. John Snow’s case studies and results have opened numerous doors for the public field and modern medicine. His...
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