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When I was reading my American literature book about John Smith it made my eyes open very wide on for the fact reading what I read in high match but some was left out. I think from the reading on John Smith a reliable narrator. The reason I think this is because he is clearing up myths about America. I think the way The Native Americans were treated was horrible when I was reading about John Smith. One thing I liked about John Smith is he liked to be at every moment of action or opportunity to be able to have something to write about. The situation he would put himself in good or bad was exciting to read or gruesome. When he would describe something or someone he would put a great amount of detail in his writings. I noticed when John Smith did his writing when things were going bad that’s when he would include great detail. John Smith was known as a solider and writer. When John Smith would write he would write as the third person. John Smith would include everyone’s perspective along with his as well. In my view somewhat as a third eye looking in. One thing I really liked about John Smith is he establishes his own legacy of the first permanent English in North America which today is known as The United States of America.

I liked reading about John Smith I learned one new thing about him is that I never knew he wrote in third person.

Resource: American Literature book
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