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The Amish: A Small Society by: John A. Hostetler Essay
Melissa Salazar
Sara A Cabello Thompson
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Small Society: Essay
In the article “The Amish: A Small Society” by John A. Hostetler, John is talking about the Amish society. The Amish societies are a group of highly Christian religious people who are extremely traditional and refuse to adopt conveniences of modern technology. They are known for their simple living, plain dressings, and their reluctance to transition or change with our ever growing societies. According to the article, The Amish are often perceived by other Americans to be relics of the past who live an austere, inflexible life dedicated to inconvenient and archaic customs. The article talks about how the Amish societies are slowly disappearing and are slowly dying. All Amish societies are force to go through some changes as they come in contact with our expanding civilization. As time passes the Amish have felt pressures from the modern world. Issues such as taxation, laws, education, and occasional discrimination and hostility force them to make adjustments that are not of their beliefs. According to the article “The Amish members are claimed to be ruled by the law of love and redemption.” They are a close knit society that is highly sensitive in caring for their own. They share many bonds that unite them. The Amish societies do not believe in violence therefore their beliefs do not allow them to fight for their territory. So they often travel from place to place when circumstances force them to. Commonwealth involves a place of province, which means a smaller unit away from large cities in which its inhabitants feel comfortable with their own ideas and customs, and the place has a sense of distinction from their part of their country. These Amish societies are are also known as “folk societies” or “simple societies” according to anthropologist who have studied and compared societies all over the world. These...
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