John Saul in the Dark of Night

Topics: Murder, Axe, Homicide Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Book Report #1
In The Dark of the Night
Written by john Saul
In The Dark of the Night a group of 3 kids find out that the cabin they stay in every winter might have been the sight of a murder 15 or so years ago. They decide to look for the man who committed the murder who might still be living on the property. The 3 kids named Mike, Paul and Erik start seeing strange night anomalies like a pair of eyes always peeking through the kitchen window and axe marking in the trees every morning and they will sometimes see a strange man rowing a small single manned boat on the lake when no one else is supposed to be on the property. Paul’s mom decides to leave to the grocery store for weekend supplies so that’s when the kids decide to hunt down the crazy man. About 3 hours after the kids leave to hunt they find a small shacked over dock with a well used boat in it. Paul noticed a small axe that a had a chip in it from marking on tree’s, the sap on the ax was still wet. 4 days later Paul went missing and the 2 others decide to use the boat and scan the shore for him from the lake. About 3 minutes in from the shack Paul’s body was found floating on the lake cold waters killed in the same fashion that the murdered woman was found, A axe blade without the handle buried deep in his chest and covered in sap still wet. There closest friend mutilated like this made the friends find the crazy old man who did this even more than before. 2 days after they find Paul Mike has to return to his Florida home for the rest of winter. Erik the last remaining child there does everything he can to find the shack was the crazy would be staying. His long hard work paid off when he found a small shack hidden off in a cave. He lays low there for about 3 or four hours when the man he is looking for returns and gets jumped by Erik who kills the man in the same way Paul was killed, a sap covered axe head buried deep his chest without the handle. Erik returns to the site 3 years later and...
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