John Proctor: Honorable or Not?

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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Timed Essay #2
Many people believe John Proctor plays role of the dishonorable character in the play of “ The Crucible ” . I honestly believe he is actually honorable by his actions of goodness and redemption in the play . He proves this by the rejecting of continuing the affair with Abigail , confessing of his affair to Hale , and dying.

In the beginning of the play , there is a scene in which he is with Abigail . Abigail says , “ Give me a word John . A soft word . ” . Proctor then says , “ No , no , Abby . That’s done with ” ( P 1224 ) . This shows that when John Proctor had the affair , he saw it as a mistake and started to reject Abigail . This shows how he sees his mistake and does anything to prevent himself from committing that error once again .

Later , in Act II , Proctor confesses to his affair with Abigail . He confesses to Hale about his affair to ease himself of what he has been keeping to himself for quite some time . This explains how he is honorable by admitting his mistakes . He does not keep something of this dishonorable character to himself . He feels as if he must correct any mistakes he has committed in the past . I believe this action shows the audience that he is honorable to be able to confess the truth to any negative actions .

Towards the end , during the final Act , he is just waiting to die . He confessed about his affair with Abigail , in addition , he also did confess to being a witch even though he was not . He believes that he is taking responsibility for his actions and even for those he did not do. Many people believe John Proctor is dishonorable because of his affair , but did he not confess ? Did he not die for something he did not...
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