John Procter and Elizabeth

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John Procter Revealed

In the book The Crucible by Arthur Miller two of the protagonists John Proctor and his wife Elizabeth are facing hardships in their relationship. John shows great conflicting emotions towards how he feels about Elizabeth but when it all comes together he is truly sorry for the sin has committed and does cares for Elizabeth. Though the private conversation seems slightly awkward between the spouses, John’s true emotions are shame and sorrow for what he has done even if Elizabeth fails to realize it. These emotions are clearly evident throughout the text.

The conversation between John and Elizabeth starts off quite uncomfortable but when John says “with a grin: I mean to please you, Elizabeth” (50), It is apparent that he means well. Elizabeth responds to this statement by saying “it is hard to say: I know it John” (50). Though Elizabeth says this, through the italics, it is clear that she does not fully believe what she said. Elizabeth still feels a vibe of dishonesty coming from John which leads to her hesitation and anxiety. John is unable to realize that Elizabeth is aware of the affair so when “He gets up, goes to her, kisses her. She receives it. With a certain disappointment, he returns to the table.” (50), he believes that is only himself rather than both of them thinking about the sin he committed.

As the conversation progresses so does Elizabeth’s suspicions. The topic of conversation of how John believes Abigail is a fraud quickly alters as Elizabeth says “You were alone with her?” (53), Elizabeth’s suspicions get the best of her as she says this line. John responds “his anger rising: For a moment, I say. The others come in soon after” (54). John’s angry tone covers his true emotions of shame and guilt as the memory if his affair constantly reminds him of how it will affect his relationship with Elizabeth. Next is the moment when Elizabeth is sure of what she had suspected “quietly, she has suddenly lost all faith in him:...
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