John Paul Jones

Topics: American Revolutionary War, United States Navy, United States Pages: 3 (1060 words) Published: May 29, 2013
John Paul Jones: The Father of the American Navy
In times of the Revolutionary War, the delegates of the Continental Congress were trying to find ways to make their army more powerful. When John Paul Jones arrived, he helped to make and introduce the idea of a navy, which obviously was something that the delegates questioned and were not sure about. Jones was a Scottish sailor and an officer of the historical and well-known Continental Congress and a person that when first came to the United States lived and resided in the state of Virginia (Naval History and Heritage Command.) He was an inspiring eighteenth century sailor that later demonstrated to be loyal to the United States even though he was not considered a true citizen because of his unexpected arrival to the country.

Like many important people in the world, Jones was someone that became inspired by certain ideas and beliefs. John Paul Jones started to get involved in shipping since he was 12 years old (Seacoast New Hampshire.) He mainly wanted to be part of a navy because he already had experience with it (Brager 55, 56.) And it is evidenced by how previously he managed to use a little warship during the French and Indian War (Brager 55, 56.) Apart from anything involving his knowledge on shipping, he became interested and involved in thoughts that he believed were the true basics of life. Such as how when he fled from Tobago to Virginia, he started to become inspired and interested by some philosophies developed in the Enlightenment (Brager 54.) Also, Jones was a person that worried about fitting in as a normal person, while worrying about his education and his own concerns (Encyclopedia of World Biography.) It might seem inappropriate for Jones to be someone who wanted recognition, but sometimes it is hard to be helpful and successful when there is really no one who appreciates what you do. Obviously, even though Jones had to go through a lot of obstacles, he managed to go over them the right way...
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