John Merrick

Topics: Joseph Merrick, The Elephant Man, Sir Frederick Treves, 1st Baronet Pages: 3 (1174 words) Published: April 8, 2013
The Elephant Man
1. Describe the human qualities of John Merrick that make him human not an elephant.
Though John Merrick is a man with deformities, he should still be considered human since like all else, he is equipped with most of the human qualities that others have. He is such an intelligent man, and was gradually discovered to be sophisticated and articulate. He spent most of his time in his room reading, drawing and making a model of a church visible through his window and doing other intellectual things. 2. How was he dehumanized by people and society making him less human?

Since Merrick was born with such abnormality, it has been inevitable for people to see him in an unusual way. Before Dr. Treves discovered him, John Merrick was in a Victorian freak show. People were paying to see him, making fun of his physical deformities and calling him “The Elephant Man”. Due this, he lost the respect from others that he is entitled to. Most started to treat him like an animal and people blatantly showed him how terrified there were of him, 3. How did he gain back his dignity? Who were responsible for this?

As Dr. Treves decided to keep Merrick in his custody, he had been entitled to a more decent place to live in. Also, some noble people started to realize that Merrick is such an intelligent man. They started to visit him in his room and see him as person that should also be respected like all else. 4. As a Lasallian, how will you contribute to correct oppression and dehumanization in our society? Name at least 3 ways.

To correct these prejudice in our society, I think that I should first develop a deeper understanding of the real situation suffered by such people. Also, I will strive to comfort those who were oppressed and make sure to contribute to some actions dedicated to the awareness of as to how people like John shall be treated to improve the level of the acceptance of such situations of the oppressed in our society.

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