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Topics: John McCain, 1967 USS Forrestal fire, United States Navy Pages: 6 (2641 words) Published: February 15, 2011
There have been many great leaders in the world’s history. They have varied from Saladin Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb of the 1100s to Ronald Reagan, a more recent president. The number of leaders that have helped set a standard for this world is remarkable. All of these great leaders of history had many faults and successes. Identifying these problems and accomplishments is what makes anyone a great leader. In this document the story of John McCain will be covered. The story of his high school and college careers, his time spent in the Navy, his dreadful life as a POW during the Vietnam war, his terms in the Senate, the way he ran for the presidency, and much more. John McCain is and was a great and successful leader in America, but like all great leaders, he has had a few bumps in his career.

John Sidney McCain III was born on the date of August 29, 1936 at a Naval Air Station in the Panama Canal Zone. He moved to from base to base until finally his family settled down in Northern Virginia. In that time John McCain attended a preparatory school called Episcopal High School. At that school John McCain was a troubled student, as he was in his childhood, but here he visited detention a lot. At the school he straightened up because of sports. He was a varsity wrestler, and he lead his team to many victories in the light weight division. He also was in many other team sports, which he had been greatly involved in. After high school he attended the naval academy (Annapolis) in June 1954, where he had followed the footsteps of his father, grandfather and uncle. His father, John Sidney McCain Jr, and grandfather, John Sidney McCain Sr, had both attended the naval academy prior, and achieved the rank of four star admiral. John McCain went into the Navy knowing full well that he had a great title to fulfill, and that title was the McCain name.

After Annapolis John McCain began his aviation training at Pensacola. John McCain began his career after all of his aviation schooling. He was assigned to the A-1 Sky raider squadrons aboard the aircraft carriers USS Intrepid and USS Enterprise. After these assignments John McCain was assigned to the carrier USS Forrestal. On that carrier he was flying A-4 Skyhawks for bombing missions in Northern Vietnam, Operation Rolling Thunder. On that carrier he was involved with the USS Forrestal fire accident. McCain was in the middle of the accident. During the fire he tried to save another pilot, and he was injured badly. That incident killed 134 sailors and took 24 hours to contain the fire. After that incident he volunteered for a mission on the carrier USS Oriskany, and on that carrier he continues the Rolling Thunder Operation. On John McCain’s 23rd mission flying over Hanoi he was shot down and on his way down both of his arms were broke along with one leg. When he landed his parachute nearly drown him in Truk Bach Lake. North Vietnamese found him and they bayoneted and severely injured him before taking him to Hoa Lo Prison, nicknamed the "Hanoi Hilton”. After he was captured the Vietnamese didn’t treat any of his wounds until they realized he was the son of the lead Admiral in the Vietnam War front. After that he was sent to a hospital and was expected to die. The Vietnamese offered to let him go as a political move, but McCain refused because he wanted the other Americans to go. After that the Viet Cong tortured and beat McCain for four days every hour until he cracked and gave up information. After he confessed he spent the rest of the five and ½ years in a POW camp being beat three times a weak hoping because the VCs were trying to get more information out of him. After all of his torture he never gave up another secret, and after he was released he couldn’t lift his arms above his head.

After he got back to America McCain went through six weeks of hard physical rehabilitation. After he was released he spent a few more years in the Navy. In 1976 he then...
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