John Locke and His Philosophy

Topics: French and Indian War, American Revolution, Ohio River Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: March 8, 2013
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John Locke was an English philosopher, teacher, physician, scholar, administrator, politician, and one of the early members of the Royal Society. John Locke was very influential in the early 1700’s. John was educated at Christ church Oxford. He became interested in science and philosophy why’ll at school where he started examining theoretical questions about the nature of man and society. Locke wrote “Two Treatises on government (1690), as a defense of the Glorious Revolution of 1688. It defended limited monarchy and stressed consent of the governed and the natural rights of the people. This written defense set a precedent for the Declaration of Independence. He also wrote an Essay, “Concerning Human Understanding (1690), the essay examined the basic characteristics of man as rational, free and equal, and living in a state of nature governed by law. Locke described the human mind as a blank slate at birth gaining ideas and knowledge through experience and events in one’s life. Locke influential ideas about education and his political views were influential in colonial America and the early Republic. Locke believed that perception was the source of knowledge and that derivation of knowledge was though experience, he had many innovative ideas about the proper raising of children like making tasks for children pleasurable by turning them into games. This article was about John Locke and the contributions he added to early colonial America. I feel like this article taught me a lot about a very influential person in colonial American history that I have never heard of before I came across this article. 1, The French and Indian War was the last and most important conflict in North America before the Revolutionary War. The French and Indian War broke out in America, and then...
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