John Locke's Checks and Balance

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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How did John Locke influence Checks and Balances, and how does it apply to today’s everyday life? Locke thought everyone needed to form a society together where there is a system of checks and balances. The main problem in the state of nature is that there aren’t any impartial judges and there’s no clear interpretation of law. Creating a society solves these problems. Locke also felt that the people should elect a series of representatives to keep things in order, not place all the power in the hands of one. Locke influenced Checks and Balances by the simple common sense realization that each word has an equal opposite. John Locke is the father of modern empirical science that demands that both sides of any and all issues be explicitly explored. In most of, if not all of Locke’s political theories, Thomas Hobbes’ theories are all contradicted.

When Locke tested the theory on each word having an equal opposite, three questions came about. Whether chemical remedies should be preferred to those of the Galenists, whether opposites were cured by opposites, and whether there was a universal remedy. The first question was soon affirmed, while the other two were found denied. It was stated that it wasn’t clear as to whom the third question was posed as the chymists and Galenists similarly fall to the appeal of “panaceas.” On the contrary, it was Galenists alone who upheld the “opposites were cured by opposites,” as Locke pointed out that contraries are cured by contraries is an axiom so well known by the mouths of all that nothing is truly better known, that it had been until now accepted by most of the medical profession as if the foundation of all medical practice establish both by the agreement of the Ancients and by unchanging practice. Locke sided with the chymists, upholding a promise to refute that principle and then to reveal the true method of healing. After having second thoughts, Locke disembarked the ambitions, left the rest of the page blank, started...
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