John Holland Careers and Personality

Topics: Personality psychology, Future, Personality type Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Even though I have never considered the fact that my personality type may reflect on the type of job I enjoy, nor have I ever tired to match myself to a job depending on my personality, I have been doing it my whole life through. As I have said before in another discussion I was borne and raised on a farm and I have always been an on hands type of person as well as no stranger to physical labor. After examining John Holland Careers and Personality it is very obvious that my personality does match my careers, both past, present, and if all goes well in the future as well. With this being said I fall in the category of being realistic, in which I like to solve concrete problems, work with my hands and/or tools, and as I said before physical labor is a close friend of mind. As for the social activity jobs, I can do them but to be honest I would rather be left alone while I’m working. So therefore my personality is of a realistic one.

As for the jobs I have worked throughout my life, granted they were not major careers, just about all of them in one form or another fit into the characteristics of a realistic personality. From being raised on a farm/ranch, working in construction for a couple of years, working in the lumber mill during peak seasons, working as a cable field technician, and even working in numerous kitchens as a prep cook and sauté chef I have always enjoyed being able to work with my hands and work in fast past, physical jobs. I have tired a couple of desk jobs and even retail jobs but after a year or so I would start to get stir crazy and would want to get away from all the customers/people. As of now I am head cook of a seafood restaurant where my duties are, coming in early to make a prep list of what needs to be made, setting the kitchen up before anyone else shows up, unloading and inspecting the seafood when it arrives daily, as well as cooking and prepping some of the items on the menu before and after we open. I am always on a very tight a...
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