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Marina Misshia English lll Block 6 Title: The Fault In Our Stars Author: John Green Date of Publication: January 10, 2012 Genre: Young Adult Novel Historical information about the period of publications: After graduating college in 2000, John Green spent five months working as a student chaplain in a childrenʼs hospital. His experiences working with children with life-threatening illnesses inspired him to write The Fault In Our Stars. Biographical information about the author: John Green, born August 24, 1977 is an #1 Best Selling American author best known for writing young adult fiction and being a YouTube vlogger. Green grew up in Orlando, Florida. He attended Indian Springs school just outside of Birmingham, Alabama, attending this boarding school was the inspiration for his first book, Looking For Alaska. He graduated from Kenyon College with a double major in English and Religious Studies in 2000. Green worked for the book review journal Booklist in Chicago for several years, reviewing hundreds of books particularly literary fiction and books about Islam and conjoined twins. Green then moved to New York City with his wife and currently still resides there. Summary: Narrator sixteen-year-old terminal cancer patient Hazel Grace Lancaster has been home schooled since age thirteen and rarely socializes with people her age. After being diagnosed with depression, she joins a group for children with cancer. There she meets seventeen-year-old Augustus Waters, an ex-basketball plater and amputee. Hazel introduces Augustus to her favorite novel, Peter Van Houtenʼs An Imperial Affliction about a girl who is also lives with terminal cancer but, however, lives a good life until the novel ends in mid-sentence, leaving Hazel puzzled. With this, Hazel has tried to contact Van Houten but never receives a reply. Augustus takes interest in the novel and contacts Van Houton via email. He receives a reply stating the author will answer any questions they have about the novel only if the two come to Amsterdam. Augusto uses a wish he received because of his poor health to take Hazel and her mother to Amsterdam. Upon arrival, Van Houten presents himself as a rude drunk and Hazel leaves his home followed by his assistant who quits out of anger. The group then visitʼs Anne Frankʼs house and Augustus later reveals he recently had a PET scan that showed new tumors. In the last few weeks of his life back in Indianapolis, Hazel

watches Augustus slowly deteriorate which causes her to mentally break down. Augustus requests Hazel and their friend Isaac, a cancer patient who had both his eyes removed, have a funeral for him he can watch where they share their eulogies for Augustus. Eight days later, Augustus dies and Hazel is crushed. At his real funeral, Hazel does not give the eulogy she has written for him, declaring “funerals are for the living”. To her surprise, Hazel realizes that Peter Van Houten has flown out to attend Augustusʼ funeral. Hazel realizes Van Houten had written An Imperial Affliction because of his own experiences, to which he admits he lost his daughter to cancer when she was eight years old. Hazel talks to Isaac and he reveals Augustus was writing something for her but he is not sure what. Hazel originally believes it is the alternate ending to An Imperial Affliction that Augustus had promised her, but she later learns it was a eulogy intended for her which he sent to Peter Van Houten to proofread. At the very end of the novel, Augustus's letter to Van Houten reads, "You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices. I hope she likes hers." To this, Hazel replies, "I do, Augustus, I do." Characteristics of the genre: Young-adult fiction is fiction marketed to adolescents and young adults. The YALSA (Young Adult Library Services) of the ALA (American Library Association) define young-adult novels as targeted to ages twelve to eighteen. Young adult literature...
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