John Deere Int. Trade Paper

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ECN 3000-01
International Trade Paper

Deere and Company (brand name- John Deere)
In 1837, John Deere, a young blacksmith who owned a small blacksmith shop, had a dream that would change the agriculture industry of the future. His vision turned reality when a year later, John Deere set up a company, Deere and Company, which would go on to be the leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the world. In the present day, John Deere is based in Moline, Illinois. The company's slogan is "Nothing Runs like a Deere" and has a picture of a leaping deer as a logo. The company has roughly 55,700 employees worldwide.

Deere and Co prides themselves on their founder’s core values. “Integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation are more than ideals we work toward. They are values we live and breathe – values found in every product, service, and opportunity we offer” (John Deere, 2005). This quote is located on their homepage and is something the company strives to base their values around to satisfy their customer’s needs. As of 2012, Deere and Co is listed as 92nd in fortune 500 of Annual rankings of America’s largest cooperation’s. John Deere sells many different products that attract a wide variety of customers. This ensures that their products are always in the highest demand. These include tractors, combine harvesters, cotton harvesters, balers, planters/seeders, sprayers, and UTVs. The company is also known for its sales of construction and forestry services, as well as lawn, ground, and turf care machinery products. They even offer financial services to its customers and employee’s, which shows the company’s very much an ever expanding business. John Deere also makes products for big outlet stores such as Home Depot and Lowes, where they can sell their products and services. John Deere has many factories spotted around the US. They also have several factories in Europe. Their products are made in these factories, before they are shipped out to thousands of stores worldwide. John Deere sells its products to big superstores such as Lowes, who sell their products on the company’s behalf. They also have John Deere stores located around the country where their products can be purchased first hand from the company. John Deere gains a lot of its sales from online, and they have an extensive online sales store that is easily accessible to potential buyers. It has manufacturing and sales facilities worldwide; North America represents more than 60% of sales. The company’s main selling point would have to be the reliability of its products and its fantastic customer service. Just by doing a quick Google search, thousands of results come up with numbers for customer service throughout the world. The phone lines are specific helplines and guidelines in case you are having problem understanding how to work your equipment. John Deere does not just sell its products and then cash in on my money. They offer very good warranty on their products in case they break. This is a big bonus for customers, because buying some of their products can be a big investment. If you purchased John Deere products from an authorized John Deere dealer, the warranty registration information was handled by the dealer and requires no further effort on your part. This eliminates any customer aggravation in trying to replace their product. According to, John Deere runs on a complexity theory. “You can benchmark both ideas in one visit to one place: a 625,000-square -- foot facility in Moline, Illinois that houses the John Deere Seeding Group. There Deere & Co., the world's largest maker of farm machinery, produces seed planters in 45 different models and with a total of 1.7 million options - in effect, customizing each planter. To make that happen, Deere deploys methods borrowed from bio-mathematics, scheduling production so carefully that every one of those 1.7 million permutations can be built on the same assembly line -...
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