John Deere Crawler Loader

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  • Published : February 4, 2011
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The John Deere Crawler Loader combines a tracked chassis with state-of-the-art hydrostatic transmission and electro-hydraulic systems to be the gold standard in tracker loader equipment. This combination of features, spearheaded by John Deere’s unparalleled engineering and history, makes the JD Crawler capable of nearly every heavy construction task but the master of very few. Its primary uses are for uploading materials into trucks, clearing rubble or snow, and digging shallow depths. Wide bucket space and powerful hydraulic capacity can turn many lengthy jobs into quick ones. The principle design advantage of the tracked chassis of a JD Crawler is its ability to contact a larger surface area than a wheeled one, and therefore exert a much lower force per unit area on the ground than a wheeled vehicle of the same weight. This makes them suitable for slippery or uneven terrain and ideal where construction debris is prevalent. John Deere’s armada of crawler loaders feature the exclusive Auto-Trac system, which allows it to run straight in either direction, on level ground or steep slopes. Counter-rotation allows space-saving spot turns, and variable ground speeds and full power turn capabilities let the operator maneuver confidently in tight areas. The hydrostatic transmission works similar to a standard automatic transmission, offering the advantage of continuously variable speeds without the necessity of shifting gears, and without the need for a clutch. It is essentially an engine-driven hydraulic pump, with the power to automatically adjust speeds and torque to match change terrain and load conditions. It also acts as a brake, eliminating the need for service brakes altogether. The electro-hydraulics extend to the loader linkages and automatic load sensing as well. The JD Crawler’s massive bucket can dig below ground level on smooth or unworked ground. It also maintains a mammoth hauling capacity (nearly 7 tons on the 605C). This system...
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