John Brown; Hero, or Completely Senile?

Topics: John Brown, Death, American Civil War Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: March 9, 2013
John Brown; Hero, or Completely Senile?

John brown has been looked upon by many as a hero, but was he really a hero? Let’s look at the thing’s he’s done for abolition and think to ourselves as we read, “is this really what a ‘hero’ would do?” I’ll go into more detail later through out this of course, but for now, let’s review the gist of what he has “done for abolition.” From the third document, it states that he led only 21 men into the military arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia. That was basically suicide for them. Yes, it was very brave of him, but he should have realized 21 men wouldn’t be enough for how many men that military had. He planned to give the weapons from the arsenal to slaves and start a chain reaction of revolts throughout the Southeast. All I have to ask is really? Did he really think that it would be that easy to take from the arsenal? Not only that, but in document two it also states that in 1856, Brown and six of his followers got revenge for the violence in Lawrence by killing five settlers in the pro-slavery camps along the Pottawatomie Creek. He also fled to Kansas, like a coward, to escape prosecution. This should be enough information for you, but let’s go into further detail.

First, who leads only 21 men into an arsenal? An idiot, that’s who, because doing that, again he risked other’s lives, but the only difference in this is the fact he was finally hanged. People say he was a martyr who died for a noble cause, when in all reality he probably just didn’t have any where else to hide, like he did when he went to Kansas. He’s probably the most stupid “abolitionist” I have ever come across. Of course, I didn’t personally meet him, but just reading about what he’s done over the years. All violence will ever lead to is more violence and that’s just how the world works. Why do you think we have so many wars? It’s because instead of coming to an agreement, people want to risk other people’s lives and be extremely immature instead...
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