John Brown Essay

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  • Published : July 16, 2012
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It is a well known fact that a multitude of prominent people in history have gone down as either martyrs or terrorists. John Brown happens to be a murderous fanatic. I firmly believe that John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry did not have a remarkable impact on abolition. John brown risked his life as well as others. Brown also had nearly no support from slaves in his attempt to abolish slavery. Despite his efforts, and the reactions of the people in the nation he still underwent prosecution. Unfortunately, it is almost as if he died in vain. The efforts of john brown were almost unrecognized. In his attempt to abolish slavery with the raid upon Harpers Ferry he endangered his life as well as the life of others. According to an SAS Curriculum Pathways video, while in the raid, several of his men were killed. Brown even had two of his sons killed while in battle. Even he himself was injured in the raid. Despite the horrendous raid and what was lost, truly the end result of insignificant because slavery was not abolished at once. Unfortunately, his strenuous efforts only caused a “polarized” reaction from the nation, who wanted so badly to end slavery, but handed no support to those truly trying. Moreover, slaves themselves offered no support. John had an organized plan in order to raid Harpers Ferry. In the same video it states that Brown’s plan was to give the weapons from the arsenal to slaves and start a chain reaction of revolts throughout the Southeast. To his great disdain, his plan backfired. Slaves did nothing but stand by and not join into the revolt. This revolt could have been the means to abolish slavery and give the slave a right that they had wanted so badly: freedom. However, they were not willing to support the means. The madness of a brave man went down in history; dismally it only stunned the nation momentarily. After john Brown was wounded he was captured by local troops and a force of U.S. Marines led by Robert E. Lee. Brown was tried by a...
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