John Brown Dbq

Topics: American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Abolitionism Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: March 27, 2012
John Brown’s Raid DBQ
Many different views and ideas about John Brown flew around the North before the Civil War. Debates and arguments sprung up about whether Brown’s actions and means could or should be justified. Some agreed only partially with Brown. Document A proves that with Horace Greeley’s statement “And, while we heartily wish every slave in the world would run away from his master tomorrow and never be retaken, we should not feel justified in entering a slave state to incite them to do so, even if we were sure to succeed in the enterprise.” Greeley is merely saying that he approves of Browns means but not his violent way of going about accomplishing those means.

Some others, though, fully agreed with Browns actions and means. Document B shows how Thoreau endorsed Brown. Thoreau probably agreed with Browns decision because he was known to be a disobedient rebel in a way. He refers to transcendentalism and higher law appeal.

All these views show dispute between an incident that occurred between the north and south. Tensions were building between the two sides of the country. These tensions are shown in document C. Seeing as the tribune was published in Kansas, and there was much bleeding in Kansas, it came from a high tension part of the country. It shows the degree in which a pro-slavery writer is upset. The author refers to two kinds of people who apologize for Brown. The first group praises Brown openly (just like Thoreau). The second group called themselves “law and order men, lovers of peace- Republicans”. The published other people’s words that praised Brown (just like Greeley). The author of this tribune is upset with people who praise Brown, which shows more of the changing relations of north and south.

Now the pro-slavery people weren’t the only ones building tension. Even Honest Abe can’t say he didn’t have a role in diminishing the north and south relations. As shown in document E, Abraham Lincoln complains about Democrats charging...
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