John Brown Dbq

Topics: American Civil War, Slavery, Black people Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Between the years 1859 and 1863 John Brown’s rain on the Federal Armory at Harpers Ferry made him a hero in the North and a villain in the South. Brown’s raid was over in about 2 days. He wanted to start an armed slave revolt by seizing the Federal Armory. John Brown was hung for treason because of his actions. Brown’s plan was not to conduct a sudden raid and then escape to the mountains. Rather, his plan was to use those rifles and pikes he captured at the arsenal, in addition to those he brought along, to arm rebellious slaves with the aim of striking terror to the slaveholders in Virginia.

In Document A from the New York Tribune (December 3, 1859), Horace Greeley states that slavery was a bad thing and that John Brown did a good thing trying to rebel and save the slaves. He says “we heartily wish every slave in the world would run away from his master tomorrow and never be retaken.” They just don’t think slavery is right. They think that John Brown did a good thing, but their mad at the consequences that resulted after. But he also says that they shouldn’t feel right about going into a slave state and freeing a slave because they wouldn’t feel justified. The northerners are still Americans and don’t want to break the law. So Document A is for the North and is against John Browns death.

Document B is more towards the South. In the document Henry Thoreau basically says that people have been hung and killed in the South for trying to save slaves, so he doesn’t know why the North cares about it all of a sudden. “Men have been hung in the South before for attempting to rescue slaves, and in the North was not much stirred by it.” He says the North went a little deep into the human law and found its flaw. That slaves are humans too. He says that most people would just go by what the law says and not go in to it and care about it. In Document D is defiantly for the North. James Redpath says that the death of John Brown hit the North community hard. He says...
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