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  • Published : October 16, 2011
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“John Hughes Goes Deep
The Unexpected Heaviosity of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

1. The author shows his appreciation for this film and its director by first stating that as he watched the film he was in a state of astonishment. Almond also goes into detail about scenes and expresses why the particular scene was important and how great it was. Such as the scene with Alan Ruck in the museum as he is staring at the masterpiece. Almond also talks about how important the characters are and how great of roles Hughes had them play. His main argument is that this film is not just a “teen movie” that it goes much deeper than that.

2. Almond uses the fact that Alan Ruck has a struggle with his parents and his anxieties. He is torn between his “outrage and obedience”. Also the scene with with Alan Ruck in the museum staring at the masterpiece on the wall. Cameron can relate to the masterpiece of the little girl with her mouth open. Another scene that proves this is the scene where Alan Ruck is kicking the car. It shows the character as something he hasn’t shown throughout the movie. As his friends are in a state of shock because they didn’t expect that out of him. Cameron wants to take a stand to his father and stop being so afraid.

3. Almond is writing about this 20 years later because he did not see the film when it first came out. This could not have been written when this film first came out because he realizes that most “teen movies” these days are not as deep as this movie. They are not as meaningful and well thought out. He also describes it as “true piercing woe of that age” which could not have been written at the film that the film was produced because they would have been living in present time and wouldn’t have been able to compare it to today’s society.
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