Topics: Michael Nutter, John F. Street, Philadelphia Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Rasjay Bettis
John street

John Franklin Street was born October 15, 1943 and was the 97th mayor of city of Philadelphia. He was first elected to a term beginning on January 3, 2000 and was re-elected in 2004. He Is a democrat and became mayor after having served 19 years in the Philadelphia city council, including seven years as its president before resigning as required under the Philadelphia city charter in order to run for mayor. During his terms john was radical who vociferously fought his way into the system, and then worked from within to change it. Along the way, Philadelphia city changed as well--from a blighted hotbed of racial tension to an energetic, prosperous, and effortlessly integrated city. Street’s election victory was a close one, but observes deemed the reformed rebel an ideal leader for the new millennium. During his first term , much emphasis was placed on the neighborhood transformation initiative which was unveiled in April 2001 was an unprecedented effort to counter the history of decline to revitalize its neighborhoods. The program was made to restore communities, to develop or restore quality housing, to clean and secure streets, and to create opportunities for vibrant cultural and recreational facilities. Street also made children welfare one of his main focuses of his first terms, he sought to increase the funds for after school programs, and formed the Philadelphia children’s commission, a diverse group of government, civic, business, and faith based leadership. His job was to advise street on policies and programs that would have a positive impact in the lives of Philadelphia’s children. He also sought to fight truancy among school aged children. When he took office Philadelphia was one of the worst in the country and with much of his attention early on went into difficult decisions about the school. As time went on street had made Philadelphia a better place just on his first term. During his first term the murder rate hit an...
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