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Johary Window

By | September 2012
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My Johari Window assignment was very interesting because I choose some characteristics that really describe my personality. Some of the words I choose were very important because are the most important to describe myself very well. I really enjoy working in Johari because it gives me the opportunity to meditate the key words or phrases that describe my personality and my essential style of life. Also because it gives me the opportunity to send the address links to some of my significant others. It was thought provoking to know how my friends and family members describe myself and pick the key words the identify myself and know their thoughts about my personality. In this window I realize that my significant other saw me as happy, independent, kind, silly, proud, mature, and nervous and so on. It was a surprise I didn’t quite think of all the words that others see in me. Their thoughts about me were more base on these concepts like my moods or feelings, appearance, social traits and so many others characteristics. Some of the words I choose that describe my identity are myself concept list that describe me as a human being that really care for others I like to be happy and try to achieve all my goals that what make me happy to realize all my dreams. Some of my friends describe my self-esteem because involve some words that represent my feelings and thoughts. Therefore overall my significant were thinking about describing my self-concept that is a relatively stable set of self perceptions that I hold to myself and the qualities that compose my personality. With the discover I engage myself to understand the factors that make up my personality much interesting for other to began a communication style much relax. In the Johari I understand that what really cares is to know the level of confidence that I have in myself and other significant that compose my social background. I learn about my reflected appraisal that I develop so others can see and trust in me as a...

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