Johari Window

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  • Published : October 31, 2010
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Doing this assignment has been especially thrilling for me . For one , I am the type who likes to take personality test . I spend time searching and answering online quizzes that ``reveals ' something about myself , from the fun types like ``What kind of mythical creature are you ' to the more serious type like the Enneagram or the MBTI Types . I also encourage my friends to take the same tests and compare results with them . Sometimes , I even try to guess what their types would be . I consider it one to be one of our ``bonding activities '

Taking personality assessment tests makes me realize certain things about myself . It also makes me understand other people 's preferences and tendencies which may pave the way for a better relationship with them . Constructing a Johari Window is another way to improve self-knowledge . Let me now discuss what I have done in details .

In the first quadrant , which represents my Open Self , or the side that are known to me and to others , I have put the adjectives sympathetic , caring , and emotional . Being a ``feeler ' I understand the complexity of emotions which makes me compassionate towards other people . I always put myself in their shoes and try to imagine where they are coming from . During times of conflict , I try hard not to cast judgment and talk to the person involved to straighten things out . I also try to mediate in cases when the persons around are in some kind of fight . It gives me a special kind of joy when I am able to help them understand each other and get along well .

In the second quadrant , which represents my Blind Window , or the side that are known to others but not to me , I have put the adjectives , extroverted , friendly and confident . I got these responses during my ``interviews ' with my friends and family . I must say I was surprised with these descriptions . But I must say they are right in saying that I am friendly . Having a...
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