Johannes Althusius

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Johannes Althusius (about 1563 – August 12, 1638) [1] was a German jurist and Calvinist political philosopher. He is best known for his 1603 work, "Politica Methodice Digesta, Atque Exemplis Sacris et Profanis Illustrata"; revised editions were published in 1610 and 1614. The ideas expressed therein have led many to consider him one of the first true federalists as the greatest intellectual thinker in the early development of federalism in the 16th and 17th centuries and the construction of subsidiarity.  In Alain de Benoist book called “The First Federalist:” Johannes Althusius “ , the author says that Althusius has been called by Carl Joachim Friedrich : “the most profound political thinker between Bodin and Hobbes ” . Althusius was a protestant that became a public trustee in Bremen after he was a law professor at Herborn. He wrote a book in which he argued that the sovereignty of the state belonged to the people. The Jesuits categorized him as a protestant who spoke against the royal power because of the anti-coton””which was a pamphlet published in 1610 attacking Pierre Coton. In most history text books published after 1945,Althusius name is marked only by its absence. He was forgotten until Otto von Gierke devoted a new famous book to him. Althusius was very close to the monarchomachists who were French Huguenot theorists. A complete translation of Althusius’s major work has not appeared in any modern language. CHAPTER I

Johannes Althusius or Johann Althaus was born in 1577 into a modest family in Diedenshausen , Westphalia. He started studying law , theology and philosophy in 1581 , fist in Cologne , than in Paris and Basel where he lived with his friend ,Johann Grynaeus.

In 1586 , he received his law degree with a thesis which was published in the same year under the title ”Juris romani libri duo”.He relocated to Geneva , where he completed his studies in law and logic under Denis Godefroy.

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