Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss: A Brief Account of His Achievements

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  • Published : May 9, 2011
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Jeannette Chavez
Mrs. Nyguen
Algebra 2
15 march 2011
Carl Friedrich Gauss was a German mathematician and scientist who dominated the mathematical community during and after his lifetime. His outstanding work includes the discovery of the method of least squares, the discovery of non-Euclidean geometry, and important contributions to the theory of numbers. Born in Brunswick, Germany, on April 30, 1777, Johann Friedrich Carl Gauss showed early and unmistakable signs of being an extraordinary youth. At the age of three he amazed his father by correcting an arithmetical error. As a child prodigy, he was self taught in the fields of reading and mathematics. Recognizing his talent, his youthful studies were rush by the Duke of Brunswick in 1792 when he was provided with an earnings to allow him to pursue his education. In 1795, he continued his mathematical studies at the University of Göttingen.

Gauss's supposed method, which reason the list of numbers was from 1 to 100, was to realize that pair wise addition of terms from opposite ends of the list submit equal transitional sums: 1 + 100 = 101, 2 + 99 = 101, 3 + 98 = 101, and so on, for a total sum of 50 × 101 = 5050. Gauss built the theory of complex numbers into its modern form, including the notion of "monogenic" functions which are now everywhere in mathematical physics. In 1799, he attain his doctorate in absentia from the University of Helmeted, for providing the first practically complete proof of what is now called the fundamental theorem of algebra which is that an n-th degree polynomial has n complex roots. The other assist of Gauss is quite many and includes the first complete proof of Euclid's Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, which is that every natural number has a unique expression as product of primes. Many as well include hyper geometric series, foundations of statistics, and differential geometry.

Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss, a German mathematician who...
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